Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Recently me and some of my closest friends had joined this competition name 1Malaysia Innovation Tournament, 1MIT. 1MIT is an online innovation competition designed for Malaysian University/College/Polytechnic students in conjunction with Malaysia's Year of Creativity and Innovation. This tournament was inspired by Stanford's Global Innovation Tournament in 2009. Teams have 14 days to learn about the challenge, develop fresh ideas, implement them and capture the value created on video (maximum of 3 minutes).

Our competition video "How Hot Are You" was featured inside one of the organizer's compiled video to showcase the "Artistic~Imaginative~Ingenious~Extraordinary Ideas" of all the participated videos.

Inside the short compilation video, our video was feature in several scenes and this had make us all wonder whether we will have a good chance of proceeding to the next round of competition. Everyone is excited, the result for the top finalist will be announced in mid-November. Lets hope that everything will go well. If u r interested to view what the video is all about, I have attached it down below. Watch till the end k, cause u will see my stupid smirk right at the almost end ! Enjoy...!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Funny Europe Pics

Hello, everyone! This is the second post of mine after I woke up from my hibernation. Did u all support my competition video for the 1MIT "How Hot Are You" ? If u didn't just go ahead and click the link and support k, every single view to my team is important (I am begging U to click it, I promise it is not spam or trojan, just click it, please.......!).

2 months ago, me and my mates went to Europe for a competition sponsored by Microsoft for the Imagine Cup,Poland. We spent almost half a month there (I am going to blog about this later on K, so no worries). While I was there, I manage to see many interesting stuff that is very unique and I did manage to capture some really funny ones.

Street sign in Warsaw,
If people say that u r an ASSHOLE ! U most probably look something like this to them !

In Amsterdam, Drugs + Sex +Fried Patatoes are all legit businesses ! Including this,
"The force is strong with this one",
Darth Vader using his Dark Force to make u drop ur euros inside his tin can !
(In Malaysia, we just simply lied down there and shake the can.)

There are plenty of convenient stores that share the same name with me !
Anyone Know what is "Heijn" meant in Dutch ?
Hope that it is something good ! hehe ... !

The Funniest one of all is this,
Bus to WieNer !
J.Bieber, if u want one just get on board and u will get some when u reach.
(BTW, Kim K's Bums are way too big for U!)

What is long, wet and love to be lick & suck by many ??
Ice-Cream !
(I know what some of u all are thinking!, hehe...dirty-minded!)

Eat this and I guarantee u will get,
Sex on the Beach!
(Can I have a box of those?)

Post for the camera and try to ruin other people's sweet memory !

I am pointing at my room of 5 person,
NO, that is not a store room !
At least not when I was staying inside there.

World Cup Fever !
I was doing the Roo!
(too bad England went home early)

PDA (Public Display of Affection) is very common in Paris!
2 smart-for-two kissing in the public !
(Get urself a garage guys.)

My Kind of Shop !
Open 24/7 to cater for ur daily needs!
(p.s. lotion, lubes and wet towels are provided)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1MIT 2010 "How Hot Are You"

This blog has been in hibernation mode for a very long time already. I am very sorry for what had happened. I didn't update the blog not because I am lazy but I have been quite busy lately with my studies and other pet projects that i had took sudden interest on, such as this competition video that my team had created for the 1Malaysia Innovation Tournament. The name of this video is "Hot Hot Are You", staring me ALBERT WU of course and my fellow teammates.

This competition is about wanting Malaysian students (like me, I know u all might think i am too old for this, but i am still a student) to be able to come out with an innovative idea to help Malaysian students to be more daring when it comes to communicating to people in public, speak up their minds, express their ideas to people that matters and be brave to change for the better. This might sound simple but there is a catch, the idea must have relation with CHILIS.

Ya, U heard me right ! CHILIS.

Not this CHILIS





You must be wondering how and idea with CHILIS in it can help make students to change for the better and spice up their life! Wonder no more, just go ahead and watch the video and find out.

We also has a FB Fanpage that u can follow. HotSource Fanpage. To know more about our team and the progress of the competition.

HotSource's Mascot, The Chili-king ! The Hottest Chili out there, BEWARE!!

Btw, I am blogging my old blog again and I promise there is going to be more juicy stories from me. "STOP" is back for good !

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This is A FUCKING long Post !

I know many of u all that had been following my blog has been wondering what the fuck happened to me and that I haven't updated my blog for like ages. Well, I was freaking lazy and busy to update my blog that is why ! haha ... (hope that u all believe it)

Well, I am going to
continue blogging, because i just freaking miss it weh ! haha... thru out my months of frozen state, i have accumulate tonnes of new freaking outrageous shit to share with U all, but for this post, I am just going to update what happened in this few months in my life. Well I am going to start from the early part of this year, were me and some of my studio mates went to Indonesia for our studio trip, one of the place that we went was Tanau Toba !

Danau Toba's Rumah Kampung

Me posing beside the Danau Toba, one of the largest lake in Indonesia.

Early morning of the Lake.

Me and my studio mates

During the visit, I manage to see alot of the weird looking kampung house that Danau Toba has. It gave me an impression that the architects that design this kampung houses back then, was pretty horny architects. Done believe me, just look at the horns that they have for the roof and the doors !

Check out that wicked horny roof !

Still Don't believe me, they have this craved out on the walls of their buildings too.
D cup wooden breast !

The trip to Indonesia was "Quite" rewarding, I get to see how lucky I am to have all the proper infrastructure for leisure and education. Unlike this 2-

This is what happened when u are lack in education and leisure, u headbutt each other just to see who last longer.

The food at Indonesia is also very "Diverse", But

I had this every single fucking day, for every single fucking meal. It kinds of sick after the second day straight after eating it.

But they do serve very delicious juice !

Juice Buah Maukisa (aka. passion fruit juice)

Fuck, Caught eating too much !

This is called Drumstick Donut. Damn GOOD !

and Fanta too very famous over there and also Japan !

Here are some other crazy outrageous shit i did over there.
I bought myself a freaking wicked cane said to possess mystical powers !
I was CONNED !
Maybe because I did this kua !

I also manage to molest a wooden statue,

Some pretty handful breasts I must say.

I also manage to do some GTA, not your normal Grand Theft Auto k. This is

Grand Theft Ais-Kirm, GTA.

I think some where after the trip, I got this HBP night. Can't really figure out the dates of all this events, it has been so long ! Guys also like to take self portraits in toilet too !
Me and my Bros !

I manage to take some pretty "GAYA" pictures that night, and this is the ones I liked the most.
She look pretty beautiful herself too.

After the dinner, it is straight to the after party.

Black Label Style of course.

Kimkim manage to join us for the after party !


Lucky she came ! Because I was DAMN FUCKING


I had my convocation on August. 3 fucking years of sleepless nights, numerous fucked up assignments and rejections, all boils down to 13 seconds of this very precious and important moment !
Worth it ?
YES !!!
(tears falling down my cheek)

Kimkim and me, celebrating my convo.

My parents ! Without them, this day will never had happened ! Thank You.... !

Recently I had this wonderful lantern night party at my friend's place. It started very well until, they start playing a card guessing game, and the punishment for losing is to eat some pretty nasty shit ! How nasty ? Check this out,

Mayo+Soy sauce+Chili sauce+Salt+Pepper+lettuce Sandwich.

Guess what, I lost that night, so i reckon i got to summon,

My Balls and fucking go for it !

This is not funny at all k. I almost vomited ! But manage to flush it down with the help of a good old friend, Carlsberg !

The losers !

Anyway, this is what briefly happened to me for the past few months after the war. I promise I will continue to blog after this. Stay tuned for more outrageous shit from me !

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Do U think I should start blogging again.

I had not update this blog for like 8 months already weh. My hand are starting to itch again already. Do u think i should start blogging again ?